Monday, November 23, 2009

Concert Season

We have quite a lot of concerts coming up over the next couple of months. So many I feel like a concert hog but before you judge, consider this. In NZ the likelihood of frequenting the good shows are slim and slim unless you live in a major center (Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch).

So anyway...we went to Pearl Jam the other night, first time we have been to the Etihad Stadium. We were in the mosh and unfortunately didn't get there early so we were not right up the front. Bad move when you are 5ft nothing in feet. Add to the experience, a bad back (woe is me). By about 10 o'clock we had had enough, especially the smokers in the mosh and no water at the bar. Up side is we had a near empty train on the way home.

That was the lows of the night, the highs were there too!!! Pearl Jam was pretty damn good for ole fellas!!! Being around a long time I knew their music a bit but can't confess to being a drop down fan. The lead up on the other hand was more up my ally. Started with Liam Finn and Jimmy Barnes' daughter EJ. I have seen them both at the Rock Wiz Xmas show last year. The highlight for me was the next act, Ben Harper and the Relentless7.

FANTASTIC!!!! and I have a pic or two. The lead singer of Pearl Jam Eddie Vedder, came out and sang Freddie Mercury and David Bowie's duet, Under Pressure. Bloody Marvelous!!!!

Next week is Rock Wiz's Xmas show again. Keep coming back to this post as I'll put up pics etc of all the shows we go to from now till ACDC in Feb!!

Rock Wiz's Xmas Show 24/11/2009

Last night was Rock Wiz's Xmas Show at the Palais (24/11/2009). We went to their last Xmas show 2 yrs ago so we had to go again. As usual there is a whole lotta guests I have no clue why they are. But there are usually a couple I do know. Tex Perkins was back, he guest hosts when Julia is away. John Paul Young did a duet with Vikka (nup no clue), Kasey Chambers and her Dad did a song, know who she is so that was a treat!! And Joe Camalleri finished off, he was there last time too.

The pics really suck as we were kinda down the back a bit for this one..


First Act

Julia talking to the first guest.

Kasey Chambers and her Dad

Tex Perkins doing an Elvis song

John Paul Young and Vikka

Joe Camalleri

The finale. Great show, got the shirt (bloody sight cheaper that Pearl Jams one and better quality), will go again next time!!!

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