Friday, August 15, 2014

Stitch Markers..

I remember 6 years ago, going to the Australian Sheep and Wool Show and not being able to find many stitch markers at all.  In fact, I only found one stall selling them and they were about $16 for 4 and they were made in America!!

Well off home I went, horrified and started making my own.  As these enterprises usually go, I made some to sell too and have since supplied my own spinning meeting and many others with them.  I started using clasps and now everyone has jumped on the much for not stealing others ideas, there's not much honour out there it seems.

I had a few people asking for dainty markers for using while knitting lace so I have endeavoured to fill that gap.  I've been using non magnetic hematite for years now.  It's awesome stuff, always cool to touch.  So anyway, I have some small magnetic Hematite beads and have made some cute markers out of them.
Gold Magnetic Hematite Lace Markers
 I am hoping that when they are put in your knitting case they will clump together and attract the other markers so you can just pull out a clump instead of fossicking around looking for the ones you want.
Silver Magnetic Hematite Lace Markers
 I am also making some standard semi-precious stone markers for Lace working.  These are the first lot and I have some lovely Lilac Jasper beads as well.
Goldstone Lace Markers
Needless to say, all my stitch markers are hand made by myself.  I also use them so I know how good they are.  If you're interested in buying some they are here at OZ HANDMADE under Woolz'N'yarnZ.

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