Thursday, January 28, 2010

Times are busy

So we get back from camp, barely sleep then I get a wake up call from a very excited teenager.."today's the day mum!!!"  She is going to the IDEX Doll Expo in Florida then up to Washington DC with a friend for a few days before coming home.
We were at the airport way earlier than need be and everyone else got to sleep in..

Here is the plane she flew out on to Sydney, there she transfered to another plane to fly to LA and onto Florida

We had a bit of pre-flight fun with little Arabella, Bonnie's latest doll, she is a very talented doll maker.  She has her own blog here

Bon voyage Bonnie, have a fun trip!!

Meanwhile, back in the trenches we are having some doggy dating going on.  My friends have a Brittany/Cocker Spanial bitch so I left Abraham 'whole' so they could breed in the future.  Over the last couple of years her heat hasn't been at the right time for breeding but we finally caught one that works out for everyone..
This is Abe, puppy daddy..

This is Shay, puppy mummy...

Two exhausted doggies.. and below, doggies doing what dogs do..

So all things going well, in a couple of months, we should be the proud grandparents of a litter of the cutest puppies in the world...eta 30th March
Will post more pics of the expectant mums progress in the future.

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