Sunday, February 7, 2010

YAY, it's done!!!

Finally, after 2 months  of spinning I have finished the never ending Alpaca.  

And I have blown out all previous record for packing fibre onto bobbins.  I thought I may as I did start off with 700g of fibre and I put it all on two bobbins...

After a whole day of plying, I got to this stage, (we're talking 3 feature films and two seasons of the Vicar of Dibley)

After another full day of plying..............................
May not look like it but I managed to get all the fibre from the right hand bottom bobbin onto that 6mm left on the big bobbin at the top.

I ended up with this much on the left hand bottom bobbin...

Doesn't look like much does it?  but that is 50g of fibre once it is plyed.  That is what most baby wool balls are in the stores..
Here is the big bobbin full, and believe me, I could have gotten a bit more onto the bobbin if I hadn't have run out on the other bobbin.

After this was taken I started putting it onto my skeiner, a few turns in, it got caught on the bottom of the bobbin and snapped...BAH HUM BUG.

Not to worry, I still ended up with 500g of fibre in one skein!!!

This is a huge amount of yarn in one continuous thread.  It is 18wpi (or by comparison to store yarns, 2-3ply thickness), the meterage is 1800 or 1950 yards.
I have a couple of smaller skeins too...25g that I started spinning before washing the lot, 23g that broke when I was skeining and 50g that was left on one bobbin.

I washed it last night and true to alpaca style, the water was almost black with dirt...
It's very very soft yarn and it is for sale.  I may knit something with it in the future but if I can sell it, all the me at for a price.

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